Typical Whiplash Misconceptions

Typical Whiplash Misconceptions

Typical Whiplash Misconceptions

Whiplash is most generally connected with the rapid, uncontrolled activities of the head because it whips backwards and forwards during an automobile collision. Though various kinds of injuries are connected with the rear versus. Front versus. Side collisions, the outcome is similar: neck hurts! This month, we’ll take a look at several myths or untruths connected with the reason for whiplash or WAD, whiplash linked disorders.

MYTH #1: Males are more susceptible to injuries due to their greater neck muscle tissue: fact:

This is opposite! Women tend to be more vulnerable simply because they have little muscle tissue, and therefore, less tissue stops the neck from dealing with a larger flexibility throughout the crack whip process. Lady with lengthy, slender necks is specifically more susceptible. Additionally they take more time to recuperate and are more inclined to face permanent residual problems long term after their situation settles.

MYTH #2: You cannot possess a concussion unless of course you hit the head:

This appears logical since many concussions occur from direct trauma. However, throughout the whiplash process the head, that is suspended by ligament like structures within the skull, bathed inside a liquid, can literally smash in to the inside wall from the skull leading to concussion just in the whipping action, without hammering anything. Permanent residuals for example memory problems, articulating ideas, remaining focused, and much more might result. This really is frequently known as publish-concussive syndrome or slight traumatic brain injuries.

Myth #3: Negative rays mean no Injuries:

Frequently, within the ER after an automobile collision, x rays are taken and studied by the radiologist as basically normal. This is often confusion like the meaning, and then there weren’t any injuries. X rays only show the bones within the neck and brain region, and not the muscles, tendons, or nerves. MRI shows greater number of these soft tissues, not only bone. But, because of the expense of MRI, x rays are carried out first, and just later, if signs and symptoms warrant it, is definitely an MRI purchased. Soft tissue injuries towards the ligaments could be assessed whenever we take flexion or extension X rays, however, many of the times these aren’t purchased in the ER.

Myth #4: Rest Will Heal Whiplash:

Though healing plays a part in recovery after all injuries, many patients find this method fails as well as their discomfort persists. Actually, studies claim that manipulation and mobilization performed as quickly as possible following a whiplash injuries yields considerably better outcomes than putting on a cervical collar and never moving the neck. Whiplash injuries, if not correctly treated, frequently leads to permanent lack of motion, discomfort, headache, and much more. The times of sleep and time only ought to be substituted with the sports medicine type of hot/cold packs, modalities for example interferential, pulsed magnetic stimulation, laser therapy, manipulation, traction massage, and exercise. Not, waiting.

Stay tuned the next month for addition myths about whiplash because there are MANY! Be assured that chiropractic remedy is the greatest approach to treating the whiplash hurt patient.

Among the primary explanations why vehicle accident treatment will include your car accident doctor is they can treat injuries naturally. Whenever you go to a regular family physician, they’ll prescribe you many different discomfort medications. The main reason this isn’t right is because it simply masks your injuries. It doesn’t really treat it. A car accident chiropractor, however, really will get inside and treats the origin from the discomfort. This really is great since you will not need to take medication forever and you’ll feel a lot better since your discomfort won’t be reoccurring.

When you visit a chiropractor for the vehicle accident treatment, they probably will require x rays. This really is to target the supply of the discomfort and injuries. Additionally, it provides them a good idea at just how the bones are misaligned. Then they can work on having your spine arranged the actual way it ought to be. Most people don’t understand it, but a small vehicle accident can place your back completely from alignment. Going to a physician for discomfort medication only covers the discomfort, meaning several weeks after the back will begin hurting again while you think it is fixed.

We understand you’ve got a choice in which you choose your car accident chiropractor. If you or a friend requires treatment after a vehicle accident, we sincerely understand the trust that you made by selecting our services and expect to serve your family presently and in future.

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Dr Michael Reiss DC is the owner and operator of Las Vegas Car Accident Treatment Centers in Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more about him, check his site at Las Vegas Car Accident Centers
Meet Josh

 Josh RiggsMy girlfriend Jamie and I first came into see Dr. Reiss because we were involved in a car accident. I really liked the ease of appointments and how accommodating to my schedule Dr Reiss’ office was. They did only what was needed to be done to help me get back to myself (actually better than myself), without excessive treatment. Dr. Reiss’ was the only office that would take Jamie and I without making us pay money for treatment upfront. Makes you trust your chiropractor more knowing he can trust you.

And of course most importantly Dr. Reiss fixed my back! Oh and to top it off, they had freshly baked cookies every day.
-Josh R., Hard Rock Hotel

Meet Andrea

 I was referred to Dr. Reiss by a co-worker of mine after I was in an automobile accident. I was starting to have a lot of back pain and headaches, so I called the day after the accident and they were able to get me in the SAME DAY to see the doctor! It only took a month of treatment to get me out of pain. It is now two months later and I am still completely PAIN FREE! Thank you so much Dr. Reiss! You are awesome!

-Andrea Helmrath, Red Rock Golf Course


Meet Rudy

 I was involved in a car accident on the freeway by a car going very fast. I was in a lot of pain, and could barely walk or get comfortable to sleep. I tried taking Ibuprofen, but it really wasn’t working and I don’t really like taking pills anyway. I felt like I needed help, so I consulted with an attorney. The attorney’s office recommended to a Chiropractor’s office that I found to be a bit dirty, run down and not very friendly. Needless to say, I never even filled out the paperwork.

One of my friends suggested I see Dr. Reiss. Right when I walked in, I knew I was in the right place. I am in the VIP hosting business, and my job is to bring people to some of the classiest places in Las Vegas. Dr. Reiss’ office was one of the nicest doctor’s offices I had ever been to. From the art on the walls and the Starbucks-like atmosphere…to being offered a gourmet iced tea while I filled out my forms.

After my first visit, I started to feel relief from my injuries, and I kept getting better and better. The personal attention I received from the staff made my visits very comfortable. I would recommend his office to anyone…(even that attorney’s office may have happier clients if they sent them to Dr. Reiss.)
-Rudy J., VIP Host


Meet Savannah

 My boyfriend and I were in a car accident where we were hit by a drunk driver. I felt OK the first day… but by the second day I couldn’t walk or lay down on my own.

I was very irritable and couldn’t believe that this happened to me and I didn’t know what to do about it. Walking, lying down, sitting and even driving were difficult to do on my own. I also had trouble sleeping because I was in pain and couldn’t get comfortable. I was taking sleeping pills and pain pills to get me through the day and night.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Reiss I can now walk, sleep and do simple everyday things on my own again. I know I wouldn’t feel as great as I do… if it wasn’t for Dr. Reiss and his team. Thanks for the caring and loving help. You guys rock!

-Savannah K.

Meet Lora

 I was in a car accident back in January where I was hit by a drunk driver. Fortunately my injuries were not too serious; however, I suffered neck & back pain, which then re-inflamed a former injury. The injury prevented me from working for few days, & I couldn’t work out & I was concerned I was going to have to get a Cortisone shot because the pain was so bad.

Dr. Reiss’s office was the first place I went. I had been to another Chiropractor before my accident, but I felt she was too aggressive with her treatment. Dr. Reiss was very gentle & a good listener when I told him of my injuries. I was using an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory at the time but I no longer needed to take them after seeing Dr. Reiss. He had suggestions for total health… I started a rehab stretching routine & am now able to do weights at the gym. Thanks a million, Dr. Reiss!
-Lora H.

Meet Kris

 I was in a rear end car accident that left me with pain throughout my back, mostly in the lower region. I wasn’t sure about chiropractic care until I met Dr. Reiss and noticed his friendly attitude and attention to the body. My biggest problem was that I couldn’t stand up strait. It took me out of my sport because the overall pain was too much. Normal every day life became a challenge.

Even though I was in a lot of pain I knew that I did not want to take prescription drugs, and Dr. Reiss helped me feel better. Once I healed from this accident, I was involved in another collision and had to go through the process all over again!

Since I have been seeing Dr. Reiss through both of my accidents, I feel much more in tune with myself then I have ever been, allowing me to focus better on goals I’ve set for myself. I have more energy and a willingness to keep myself in stronger shape. Now when my days off come I’m motivated to do more, rather then sit around when I was in pain.
-Kris W., Canyon Ranch Spa

Meet Beverly

 I experienced muscle tension and pain (tingling sensation) from my neck to my lower back, as a result from a traffic accident in August 2008. The pain caused me to be irritable and keep me restless at night. The pain and tension prevented me from sleeping comfortably. It also made me uncomfortable especially during long car rides. I tried having massages and tried using a neck massage heat therapy pillow. Nothing worked.

Because of my fear of doctors, I was reluctant to seek treatment until the pain increased. But once I started treatment, I overcame my fear due to the kindness and hospitality of Chiropractic Wellness Center and their staff. The pain and tension slowly but surely disappeared and he helped me maintain more comfort in my daily activities. In addition, Dr. Reiss and his staff (Ms. Lori and Ms. Theresa) were so pleasant and accommodating to me and my son. Being family-oriented and kid friendly was a huge factor in choosing to seek treatment at this facility.
– Beverly M.

Meet Theresa

 I was in a car accident back in July of 2007. For two weeks my back and neck were so stiff that I could not turn my head. Getting up and down from the couch, office chair, and bed were difficult and painful. The pain was so bad that it started affecting my family. I couldn’t play with my son and I wasn’t in the best of moods. I was taking Motrin every day to help alleviate some of the pain.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Reiss, I no longer have chronic pain or stiffness and I haven’t taken any Motrin. Dr. Reiss motivated me to start exercising again and I am now happier & more relaxed. I’ve received a lot of feedback from my co-workers saying that I am always happy and smiling. Although these results are all life changing, the best result I have experienced is that I can play with my son without pain… I now swim with him almost every day instead of just watching him! Thanks a million, Dr. Reiss!
-Teresa S.

Meet Jeff

 I came to see Dr. Reiss because I had a broken clavicle and torn rotator cuff from an accident I was in. I was in pain all the time, could not sleep at night and was thinking the pain would never go away. I had been taking Lortab 8 times a day before I saw Dr. Reiss.

With him and the help of chiropractic care and the therapies in the office I was able to cut the drug use in half and feel much better. Dr. Reiss helped me to understand what I was in store for ie: surgery and a long physical theMarcorapy. He was supportive through all that I went through. I cannot thank him enough.

-Jeff S., Dragonridge Country Club

Meet Marco

 I came into Dr. Reiss’s office seeking for help after being in a 3 car accident. A few days after the accident, I started feeling horrible pain in my lower back and pain in my neck. I figured it was going to go away after a few days but I was wrong.

After starting care with Dr. Reiss, my pain started dissipating and I started going back to my daily activities, going to the gym, etc. and my energy level was higher.

Dr. Reiss himself made me feel very comfortable and he explained everything that was going on with my body after the accident, as well as what to expect a few weeks after. The whole team is excellent and very professional, and made the visits extremely pleasant. I would definitely recommend family and friends to come here if they were in an accident.

-Marco S., Dental Surgery Tech

Meet Sofiya

 After my car accident I needed to see a doctor as soon as possible. The crash was so bad that my left shoulder was too painful to move freely. I could not rotate my neck and my back felt out of whack.

As a professional salsa dancer I was worried that I would not be able to recover in time for my performance. I refused to turn to drugs to ease the pain, but it was difficult to move and to fall asleep.

Immediately after my 1st visit with Dr. Reiss, I could move my body more naturally. It felt like a weight was literally lifted off my shoulders. Dr. Reiss proved to me how much he cares for his patients, and made me feel like I was in good hands. Within two weeks I made a 50% improvement and could go back to rehearsals. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the services and care provided.
-Sofiya K., Professional Salsa Dancer

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